Mangoma is a Shona word that means various things such as drums, music, beats and much more

Mangoma.co.zw is a Zimbabwean Helmet Dancehall music site that founded in September 2020 following the growth of Zimbabwe Helmet Dancehall music worldwide. Mangoma.co.zw publishes latest releases from Zimbabwe musicians especially helmet dancehall but also not limited to other mixtape from underground djs with genres including Hip Hop, Zimhetz and Afro House music.

What is Helmet Dancehall? Helmet Dancehall is a term or genre that was formed to classify hard or rather hardest core dancehall muzik which makes you to put on your safety hard hats/helmets inorder to protect your skull from concussions induced by the hard sound and lyrical content (sic)., hence the chant ranted “MANGONGONGO”.


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